Hi, my name's Suren. I'm an Australian Animator, Designer and Director.
Currently based in Montreal, Canada. 
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The Series/Shorts I've co-created and directed include:
Feebs And Mr Timmins (Nickelodeon International)
The Dukes of Broxstonia (ABC TV and Disney XD)
-IFK (in development with Sticky Pictures and DHX)
-Monster Auditions - (SBS TV)
-Feebs And Mr Timmins (Nickelodeon UK)
-Dirk Breaka (Nickelodeon Australia)
-Brolga Song (ABC TV)

My work has been showcased in these Animation Festivals:
-Annecy Animation Fest. (France)
-Platform Animation Fest. (U.S.A)
-Ottawa Animation Fest. (Canada)

-Stuttgart Animation Fest. (Germany)
-SICAF (South Korea)
-Hiroshima Animation Fest. (Japan)
-Melbourne Animation Festival (Aus)
...and lot more.

You can contact me at: suren@renmotion.com

Because of restrictions from broadcasters,
I can't publicly show an entire episode on this website.

If you would like to see an episode or pilot in its entirety drop me a line.