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Hi, my name's Suren. I'm an Australian Animator, Designer and Director. Read More.
I'm currently based in Montreal, Canada. Below is my work. Enjoy!


Selected Works

Below are some pilots, animated series and shorts that I've designed and directed....

Series - Doomsday Brothers

Animated Series for Adult Swim, Canada.
Directed by Suren Perera

Produced by N12 Productions (Montreal)  and Portfolio Entertainment (Toronto)
Show Creators: Alain Dagenais, Will Wennekers, Liliana Reyes.
Showrunner : Will Wennekers


Animated Series for Teletoon
Directed by Suren Perera

Produced by Sardine Productions.

Intergalactic FUNK Knights

Animated Trailer for series development.
Design and Direction by Suren Perera.

Animation by Pipeline Studios.

Development by Eone and Sticky Pictures

Series creators : Suren Perera and Stu Conolly

Feebs and Mr Timmins

Commissioned by Nickelodeon International (London, UK);
'Feebs and Mr Timmins' is an original concept created by Suren Perera (Renmotion).
Featuring the amazing Maria Bamford (Netflix Originals- Lady Dynamite)


Created By Stu Connolly at Sticky Pictures. (Sydney) 
This Pilot created for Disney XD, All character animation, design and compositing was done by Suren Perera (Renmotion).
Background design: Marc Boyer and Darren Keating.


Documentary concept, commissioned by Breakthrough Entertainment (Toronto).
Animation by Suren Perera.
Starring Howie Mandel.

Dukes Of Broxstonia

Currently showing on Disney XD and Cartoon Network Asia, and aired on ABC3;
The Dukes of Broxstonia documents to completely bonkers adventures of
a heavy metal band, from a made up Eastern European country, who go on tour in outer space.
Developed with Sticky Pictures, Australia, and co-created between myself and Stu Connolly.


Commissioned by Sticky Pictures, Sydney, Monster Auditions is a 10X1 minute animation series made for SBS TV (Australia)
Designed, Directed and Animated by Suren Perera (Renmotion)

Because of restrictions from broadcasters, I can't publicly show an entire episode on this website.  

If you would like to see an episode or pilot in its entirety drop me a line.

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